It's My Very Own (IMVO), Bags of Love. Championing the immediate needs of the displaced child. Post Office Box 1156, Cadiz, Kentucky 42211, Phone: 1(270)522-1494
It's My Very Own (IMVO), Bags of Love. Championing the immediate needs of the displaced child. Post Office Box 1156, Cadiz, Kentucky 42211, Phone: 1(270)522-1494
It's My Very Own (IMVO), Bags of Love. Championing the immediate needs of the displaced child. Post Office Box 1156, Cadiz, Kentucky 42211, Phone: 1(270)522-1494
It's My Very Own (IMVO), Bags of Love. Championing the immediate needs of the displaced child. Post Office Box 1156, Cadiz, Kentucky 42211, Phone: 1(270)522-1494
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History of IMVO

The Problem of Meth

          We are all aware of the drug problems that have ravaged our country.  They have reached epidemic proportions and their affects on the lives they touch is often irreversible.  Drugs destroy lives, homes, relationships, and dreams.  Are their many lives that have not been touched in some way by this epidemic? 

          More recently, we have been introduced to the new kid on the block: Methamphetamines ("Meth").  This is a drug that can be easily manufactured in your own kitchen, and because of the common, easily obtained ingredients used in "cooking" Meth, it is difficult to track and all too readily available.  Where other drugs do the most harm to those who actively use them, Meth is different.  Even during the manufacture of this insidious drug, all who are in range of the poisonous fumes are in danger.  These fumes, as they permeate the house, are toxic and combustible.  They cause nausea, headaches, allergies, breathing difficulties, and many other maladies.  The fumes are not a respecter of persons.  They are dangerous to everyone in the home, including, and especially the children.

When a child is removed from a home where Meth has been manufactured, they must leave everything behind due to contamination by the fumes.  They leave their clothes, toys, toothbrush, and any reminders of their family.  From there they are taken to the hospital emergency room, their clothing is removed, and the children are cleansed of these dangerous toxins.  By this time they have nothing that previously belonged to them.


Perhaps this problem is far removed from the world you live in, just as it was for me ? that is until it touched me and my family in a very real way.  

I remember very well the day my daughter and I flew for several hours to pick up two precious young boys who had been permanently removed from their mothers home due to her abuse of drugs.  Two little boys who had lost everything that was familiar to them,  their home, their friends, their mother, even their toys.

They would now be adopted by my daughter.  Perhaps you can imagine how frightened and alone they must have felt.  Even though God had already placed love in our hearts for them, to these boys, we were perfect strangers.  Though all of their personal possessions had to remain in their house, they did have with them a very special cloth bag given to them by the local Child Protective Service.  We enjoyed seeing them open their bags that contained a few small toys, some clothes, and a handmade blanket.  To this day they still love that special blanket.

Some time later our local news channel did a report on Meth.  I watched as the reporter followed a local drug bust.  The belligerent parents, as well as other adults, were removed from the home in handcuffs.  Then the reporter walked over to a window of the home and held the microphone up to reveal the heartbreaking sobs of children who could not possibly understand why their parents were being taken away from them.  Frightened, their worlds crumbling around them, these children are now taken from their home by strangers.  As you might imagine, the next few hours, the next few days and weeks, are very difficult for these children.

This news report affected me very strongly.  Though I had previously asked God to show me how I could be of use to Him, the answer seemed slow in coming.  Sometimes it is amazing how God works.  Just as He was revealing His will to me, He also revealed it to my daughter.  That is when the plans for It's My Very Own were first conceived. 

Over Thanksgiving, my daughter and I worked out the details of our plan.  We would begin making Bags of Love for these needy children.  They would contain a handmade quilt, a stuffed animal and age appropriate toys and personal items.

With bag in hand, we introduced the program to our local Child Protective Service, letting them know that this is an ongoing, long-term service for the children of our county.  They were elated and we were ready to begin.

What an awesome journey the Lord has led us on through this experience!  He has opened doors and guided us every step of the way.  He has provided help in so many ways. We now have a functional, well-working team.  One new friend had the very same idea that we did.  She had experience with the business end of things.  With her business sense, my experience in sewing, and the hundreds of yards of cloth left from my previous business, it was a perfect match!  By January 1, 2005 we were off and running!

We have included a Photograph Album so you can see the progress of IMVO.

As you contemplate the need of such a program in your area, remember that with the Lord's help all things are possible!

God bless you as you embark on this journey of love!

                                             Barbara Neher and Staff...................


                                     Founders of It's My Very Own
In the front: Jack and Barbara Neher

                               In the back is daughter: Tereasa Ingle

Update          Jack and Barbarah Neher with Tereasa Ingle


It has been so exciting witnessing how the Lord works! He has opened so many doors, and given so many miracles and blessings; it's hard to keep up. Praise the Lord!!!


When Katrina hit, we were asked to go and manage a warehouse in Paducah, KY. (Community Collection Center). The Lord wanted us there, as He had a plan for us. WOW, what a plan! He introduced us to so many people of influence, who were from many venues, but yet all blended into one event; all hearts working for the comfort of the children. As a result of following His lead, we have been able to reach around the world!


The Lord showed us the need of having a manual, so that others would be able to duplicate "It's My Very Own" in their church and community. With the approval and support of our KY-TN conference, we have been able to move forward. Elder Lowman, who is our ACS Director, formated and typed up all of the information that I had given him. I really do appreciate his guidance and patience in this endevor. It is not an easy task to write a manual. God is so good!!!


Then, we were invited by 3ABN, to do an interview with Danny Shelton on Jan 21, 2006. Since the airing of this interview things, have not been the same! It was viewed all over the world and the phone calls, letters and e-mails started flowing in; it was awesome. There are so many people out there that have such loving hearts and see the need and want to help in some way.


As of this writing, these are the responses. We have asked those that start chapters in their church to please register so we can watch the "baby" grow. We have had responses from 43 states and 13 countries. To this date we have shipped 195 manuals and 43 of these are registered chapters. We have had many other contacts that may eventually do something more than inquire, and we are having inquiries come in daily.


With this kind of response our ministry has drawn the attention of Lyn Powell our local ASI representative in our conference. He has offered us every encouragement and assistance towards this wonderful organization; thank you Lyn. Also through the Women's Ministry of the Ky- Tn and Ga-Cumberland Conferences, I have been asked to do workshops and presentations. with tremenduous results. The interest has been excellent. Thank you Lord.


The Lord has been very good to us, and blessing us as we have been doing His work. What a great CEO. He is a great provider. The story does not end here, as we have dedicated this ministry until He comes and that is the promise we give to the CPS. Please join us as we help the children that can't help themselves.

We want to thank you all and to wish you a Happy New Year.  I can hardly wait to see what the Lord is going to bless us with next.  Every little heart we touch in doing this ministry is a heart that may be given to the Lord, because someone showed them love and caring when they were hurting the most.  Remember what Jesus said in Matt. 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.  Praise God.

 God bless .................................................Barbara Neher

  UPDATE 2012

     Well here it is 2012 and the Lord is still making things happen. He watches over this ministry and blesses and guides us as we continue.
     We are so proud of our Chapters. There are so many loving, caring hearts out there, and as a result, so many children are able to feel the love of God through them. I wish I could give you an accurate count of how many children that have been helped through all of your efforts, but I do not have that figure; however, God knows - and blesses!
      In response to your willingness to serve and do this ministry, there have been MANY miracles in doing this program! The ones that have been related to me are jaw-dropping awesome! I love hearing them, as they lift my spirits, and again, let me know how involved the Lord is, and how much He cares. I also praise Him for connecting us with 3ABN, for this is the avenue He used  to launch us into all the world. Praise God for that ministry, as well!
     As you know, Satan doesn't like it when God interferes with his plans, so he had to devise a plan to stop us. It almost worked, but God helped us after we were tested. It took 2 years of frustration, but everything is almost fine now. He tampered with our website-we lost our name for awhile, and the ability to edit. Thank you for your patience. God is so good,
      We thank all of you who are participating in this ministry and those of you who are considering doing so.
     Please visit our website for any other information. I have made a promise to be more diligent in keeping it updated; look for the updates.

                                 God bless you all.
                                 Barbara, National Director




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